Libertaria Opera Characters

Posted: October 8, 2011 in animation, classical music, machinima, music, opera, theater
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Libertaria: The Virtual Opera involves a complex combination of characters ranging from institution escapees to ex military patriots to homicidal geneticists. (Yes, homicidal geneticists!). Combining machinima with a graphic novel feel, Liberteria: The Virtual Opera involves an eclectic list of characters from all walks of life, of all ages, all occupations, and genders. This is not your grandmother’s opera. This is Libertaria!


Libertaria: A 14 year old orphan in search of the only woman that ever loved her escapes from the Factory, only to end up in the middle of an age old battle between the Underground and the Collective.

Lucinde: Badly burned in an explosion in her infancy, Lucinde leads a conflicted life trying to decide between the love for her distant father Simeon and her desire for normalcy and a life with the handsome Miguel.

Simeon: The enigmatic leader of the Underground whose addiction to the serum Metal Ink has cost him the love of his daughter while strangely reversing his age.

Miguel: Right hand man to Simeon in the Underground, Miguel’s tough exterior helps lead the final battle against the Collective.

Gabe: Injured a decade ago in battle during the final days before the demise of the USA, Gabe dedicates his life to the reeducation of youth and the care of the sick in the Underground.

The Collective: An group of 7 geneticists addiction to an age reversal serum that has lengthened their lives by decades. The Collective also runs The Factory, an experimental facility dedicated to the survival of the human race despite the negative affects of nuclear fallout.

The Nurse: Cared for Libertaria at the Factory and aided in her escape, although this results in her own capture and disappearance.

Mother: Libertaria’s mother who died during childbirth, or so she thinks.

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