As part of the 2013 LIbertaria Virtual Launch Party, 100 institutions will receive a free press pack with a prelease Libertaria DVD for their own Libertaria Virtual Launch Party.

Who can be part of the VIRTUAL LAUNCH PARTY?

  • Film Clubs
  • University Departments (Film, music, art, theater, opera workshops, art, feminist theory, political science, etc.)
  • Film Departments
  • Art Galleries
  • Student Groups
  • Theaters
  • Libraries
  • Festivals
  • Clubs
  • Community Centers
  • Select Individuals (Who can commit to a public screening of Libertaria)
If you are part of a university, gallery space, theater, etc. that can host a Libertaria Virtual Screeing Party, e-mail “” with the subject title “Liberaria Virtual Launch Party”. Include the name of your institution, a contact person, and URL.

Private individuals that would like to host their own public viewing of Libertaria: The Virtual Opera in 2013 and receive the free press package need to include specific details regarding venue, expected attendance, and the bio of the host.

Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is recommended for mature audiences.

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