Choirs of the Future?TeQWire (Technology +
Choir) WorkshopSymposium on Laptop
Orchestras and Ensembles
Louisiana State University
April 15, 2012

Perry R. Cook, Emeritus Professor
Princeton University Computer Science (also Music)
(also CCRMA, ASU, CalArts, SMule, and Humbug Sonic Arts 🙂

Perry Cook presented Libertaria the Virtual Opera as part of his workshop on the future of choirs. Libertaria was presented as part of a paper on the use of crowdsourcing and choral projects, like Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choirs.
Check out Perry Cook’s Website to find out more about the future of music:
Perry Cook recently joined the cast of Libertaria, playing various roles, including sharing the lead male role of Simeon with talented musician Matthew Meadows.
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