Free Opera Downloads from sci-fi Libertaria: The Virtual Opera

Posted: August 30, 2012 in animation, classical music, music, opera
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We are wrapping up music production for Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, an exciting animated sci-fi opera about a teen  fighting evil geneticists in the quest for her long-lost mother. Communicating entirely through the Internet, the incredibly talented cast of Libertaria will be starting on the final Virtual Rehearsal Album later this week. After the music production has ended, the animation production will begin, with talented visual artists and animators from around the US contributing to the animation.

Libertaria combines the operatic form with electronic music, machinima, and technology in a way to reach a much bigger audience than the usual opera-going fare. Set to screen in South Florida in 2013, Libertaria will also go live online and in festivals everywhere.

Become part of the fun with the Virtual Opera Launch Party. 

Up to 100 select venues, opera fans, educators, universities, and theaters will receive complimentary press kits and DVDs from Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. Just sign up.

Keeping to the open source labor of love that this opera is, I have been posting the latest music sketches, free sheet music downloads, a rough draft of the opera screenplay, and other interesting opera tidbits for excited opera and music fans everywhere at This also includes various acoustic arrangements from Libertaria: The Virtual Opera.

For the ambitious, you can check out a rough draft of the libretto/screenplay (librettoplay?).

More on Libertaria: The Virtual Opera

Check out upcoming articles on Libertaria: The Virtual Opera in the IAWM Music Journal and Easy Ear

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