Machinima Graphics and Graphic Novel Looks

Posted: January 9, 2013 in animation, machinima
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Libertaria Graphics Test Combining Moviestorm Machinima animation and Final Cut effects to make an interesting visual experience for Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. Animators for Libertaria are primarily using the machinima program Moviestorm for animation. Moviestorm is an excellent tool with a quick learning curve for anyone with some graphic design or animation experience. There are some limitations, but animators that know how to create original animation mods for Moviestorm find that the program can truly expand creativity. For Libertaria, machinima animator and director Lucinda McNary created an entire futuristic New York City cityscape for Moviestorm, complete with futuristic cars and a Statue of Liberty. This set, created exclusively for this project, adds an extra set of dimension to the story. Moviestorm borrows from graphic novel art, video games, and machinima, creating a unique style that melds well with the futuristic sci-fi soundtrack.

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  2. Clare says:

    Way cool, Sabrina! Thanks for sharing the info.

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