The Creator’s Project: Virtual Opera and More

Posted: February 6, 2013 in electronic music, music, opera, technology
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The concept of the virtual opera – operas performed using nontraditional technology including computer code, computer-generated worlds, and online interactivity – is truly a 21st century construct and perhaps only one way the traditional operatic form struggles to remain relevant in a world of ubiquitous technology and music. You will find a plethora of virtual operas cropping up throughout the world, some incredible musical feats and others digital experiments worth little more than a footnote in musical history. Indeed, the probably with the virtual opera, especially those outside all realms of reality and existing solely in the digital arena, is how these great works will stand the test of time. I can still pick up a score by Mozart and reproduce his work convincingly, even with the incorrect instrumentation, but how can a virtual opera created within an interactive computer-generated environment going to make it past the next permutation of computer code that renders all previous code archaic?

In any case, I invite you to explore virtual opera for all of its nuances, artistry, and gadgetry and make your own judgement about this innovative means of expression.

Creator’s Project:


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