Opera Animation Fun: It’s Render Time!

Posted: February 19, 2013 in opera
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The Animation Team for Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is working overtime this month as they close in on post production time. The all-girl team of Caroline Damian, Lucinda McNary, Patricia Johnston, Kera Hildebrandt, and opera composer Sabrina Pena Young have put in countless hours creating visually provoking animation for the indie opera.

“Libertaria isn’t your great-grandma‘s opera.”

And the opera Animation Team has their work cut out for them. Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is full of animation challenges from giant exploding buildings to complicated lip sync and larger than life virtual sets created using machinima, a popular animation form originally derived from video game virtual environments.

Picture 4While most contemporary operas have subtitles and programs to help audiences understand the opera, Libertaria: The Virtual Opera has a definite graphic novel feel, from the sketched characters and larger-than-life characters to the comic book inspired subtitles that are peppered throughout the movie.

Hoping to reach the digital audience, Libertaria’s overall artistic style borrows heavily from graphic novels and video games.

“This is an opera for the digital generation. This is an opera for gamers and comic book enthusiasts, for the folks that Tweet and the sci-fi lovers, for VJs, opera lovers, and the electronic music crowd. “

Evil Geneticists Take Over the USSA

Evil Geneticists Take Over the USSA

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  1. Clare says:

    Can’t wait to see and hear, Sabrina!

    • Virtual Opera says:

      I’m finishing up a rough video cut of one of the scenes. We are working on finishing up animation in the next couple of months. Will be posting the rough cuts online. Will share the link so you can check it out! 🙂

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