Time for Sci-Fi Opera Post Production

Posted: April 17, 2013 in opera
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Now that music and animation production is complete and the audio is getting ready for professional mastering, Libertaria: The Virtual Opera will enter post production. What’s involved in post production? Here is just a snippet of what’s next for Libertaria:

Final Mixing and Mastering

After combing through hundreds of audio files from the cast members, it is time to create a final mix and send it off to the professional studio for mastering. Special bonus for Libertaria Fans? A special pre-lease Libertaria Cast Album will be available in August for opera fans!

Animation Finishing Touches

The talented Moviestorm animators have completed their scenes. Now it’s time for work in continuity and pick-up scenes, not to mention a few additional scenes that were not in the original screenplay.

Video Edit

It’s time to sync up animation, music, sound effects, and more in the final video edit for the virtual opera. Composer Sabrina Pena Young will complete the final video edit. Talk about a special Director’s Cut!

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