Libertaria: Opera and Sci-fi Novel

Posted: May 2, 2013 in free, science fiction, writing
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Five Science Fiction Novels

Five Science Fiction Novels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Libertaria started out as an unfinished
sci-fi short story about a young scientist who discovers that she has been experimenting on her own mother. The story had evolved considerably. The protagonist became a teen escapee from the genetics factory and the scientist divided into several scientists known as the Collective. While the mother/daughter relationship is explored in the opera and novel, complex relationships between each character makes for an intriguing web of danger and deceit.

Read Chapter 1 from the Sci-Fi Novel Libertaria

As the opera wraps up production this summer, I am working on the novel version of the story. The novel Libertaria will explore the backstory and history of the Genetics Factory, Lucinde, Simeon, and Libertaria.

It is complex working in cross-media. Libertaria will exist as an opera,
as a film, as music, and as a novel. The story is so complex, and there
are so many angles that no one media source can contain the saga.

It is said that each writer writes the same book over and over, that each
artist says the same thing a million ways with their brushstrokes, that
each composer writes the same song over the course of their lifetime. I
think Libertaria may be that story for me and for the world.

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