Second Life Virtual Music Concerts and the Future of the Physical

Posted: July 26, 2013 in classical music, electronic music, music, virtual, virtual reality

“The rise of digital music and music sharing has challenged the existing economics of the music business. And at the same time these very technologies offer artists new ways to connect with fans, customers, and other artists. A shared virtual reality environment presents an entirely new creative means for performing music and sharing music and other art as well as potentially providing a platform for selling or exchanging it.” -Linda Rogers, Click on the Link to Read the Full Essay.

The Digital Age is the age of the virtual. We have hundreds or thousands of virtual friends through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, we send cryptic messages on portable devices instead of doing something as archaic as knocking on a friend’s door, some of us live entirely separate lives as warriors and elves and animals online, and musicians today perform as avatars in virtual opera halls and concert spaces. At least today we still need our bodies to perform some basic functions like eating and sleeping, embracing a loved one or shedding a tear, but perhaps in a century or two, we will do away with something as caveman as the physical and instead use our bodies as mere encasings for the cranial matter that is our true self.

CLICK to READ Future of Work: Musical Performance in Virtual Reality.


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