NASA Nuclear Physicist: We Live in a Virtual Reality – DUH!

Posted: August 6, 2013 in technology, virtual, virtual reality

Where physics, spirituality and metaphysics meet – there you find one of the foremost scientists in the world – Thomas Campbell. Working as a nuclear physicist for NASA, Campbell postulates that we do indeed live in a virtual reality, saying: “The only thing that is fundamental real is consciousness itself; all else is virtual- i.e., a result of an exchange of information within consciousness.” What is the basis for this theory and where are these views to take both science, reality and what we say ‘matters?’

via NASA Nuclear Physicists Postulates – We Live in a Virtual Reality Video | Las Vegas Guardian Express.

Virtual reality uses multimedia content. Appli...
Virtual reality uses multimedia content. Applications and delivery platforms of multimedia are virtually limitless. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not meaning to get all quantum-y on everyone, but as someone that is actively pursing a career as a musician all online (who is this Sabrina…sightings are rare), working on a virtual opera, teaching a virtual class on media (including virtual media), and essentially existing online as a snazzy composer while in reality I sometimes feel like a schleb that really doesn’t get out much, I wonder which reality is actually my reality? And not to seem weird or invalid or false, but it is easier to seem cool online. I mean, if you don’t know something, you can Wiki it quickly and then Google an archaic quote to sound profound. If you look a little less than star-quality, just Photoshop your pic and put it as your profile (yeah, my skin really IS that flawless), make up a sweet avatar, or even steal some hot guy or gal’s image and claim it as your own (seriously, any similarities between me and that chick from Top Model is a sheer coincidence!).

Clearly I am not coming at this from the Einsteinian angle, just from the “Hey-my-life-is-really-all-Ones-and-Zeroes” angle. Just a thought, or a few thoughts or maybe just some virtual thoughts. Or maybe this is just the AI typing and I stopped living years ago.

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