Virtual Theater: Film, Music, Animation, Video Art

Posted: November 5, 2013 in opera
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virtual theater

Watch Libertaria, select short films, and enjoy some popcorn at our new Virtual Theater!

Virtual Theater: Film, Music, Animation, Video Art.

Virtual Theater 3000 opens today. An online venue for independent short films, animation, machinima, experimental films, and music, and more, this new virtual movie theater allows theater goers to order popcorn for same day delivery, enjoy a variety of films, and view an exciting array of films. Currently there are a number of free short films available at the Virtual Theater, including experimental animation and music. The Virtual Theater 3000 plans on expanding the list of venues over the next several months.


Filmmakers interested in having their films screened at the Virtual Theater 3000 need to send an e-mail to S. Young ( with the link and embed codes for their films for review. Filmmakers are responsible for monetizing their videos. Virtual Theater 3000 does not upload videos or provide an income flow, but does provide a new venue for independent filmmakers to present their works. Young is looking for films outside the mainstream, including animation, machinima, music videos, independent films, sci-fi, art films, and similar genres. Your films must be suitable for ages 17 and below. If accepted your embed code will be included on the site.

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  1. says:

    Hi, Sabrina!

    Should the last sentence read “ages 17 and above”?

    – Clare

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