15 questions | Interview | David Keenan | Self-made man

Posted: February 27, 2015 in opera

15 questions | Interview | David Keenan | Self-made man.

A lover and a fighter, Glaswegian writer David Keenan does not pass through this world unnoticed. He has had a song written for him, a TV character based on him, he’s been quoted in The Wall Street Journal and played support on the night Oasis got discovered. He’s been writing for The Wire since 1995 and has also written for NME, Mojo, The Sunday Herald and written liner notes for Throbbing Gristle, Albert Ayler, Pita and Gary Smith to name a few. Keenan’s debut book, England’s Hidden Reverse, which is being re-printed next year, plus his many contributions to The Wire, have been crucial in his quest to champion unpopular art, culture and music. Having played and written about music for years, Keenan, while keeping his toe in the water, is now focused on writing fiction. Fascinated with the esoteric, Keenan’s novels have found a home at the head-quarters of weird publishing house Strange Attractor. David Keenan’s first novel The Comfort of Women is set for publication in late 2014


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