Need Help with Your Music? Music Reviews and Critique

Posted: July 7, 2015 in opera
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Intermedia composer | Sabrina Pena Young.


EXCLUSIVE MUSIC PRO OFFER: Critique 5 of Your Songs for $50
MUSIC PRO CONSULT AND CRITIQUE. For a limited time I will review FIVE of your songs (up to 60 min in length) for only $50. I have helped over 100 Music Xray artists take their music to the next level with in-depth and HONEST industry advice on production, mixing, vocals, drums, composition, musical form, and more. I have provided insightful quotable quotes and music reviews that you can use for PROMOTION. I have promoted bands and artists that really stand out from the crowd. 

Your EXCLUSIVE Music Pro Review includes:
1) Review of FIVE songs (up to 60 min. of music). 
2) Provide in-depth consultation/critique on production, musicality, vocals/drums, audio quality, marketability, and more
3) Provide music marketing advice catered to YOUR album
4) If you knock my socks off, will provide a quotable quote for you to include on your websites and marketing material and will do a social media blast 

I want to help musicians succeed, wherever YOU may be in your musical career. Amateur, professional, newbie, or seasoned veteran, I want YOU to succeed because musicmaking is AWESOME and we should all get a chance to achieve GREATNESS. Plus I love hearing new music! 

NOTE: When submitting to this MUSIC PRO REVIEW, submit your best song first and include a link (ex. dropbox or URL) to remaining songs. Additional materials like music videos, your online profile, etc. would be greatly appreciated to get a good overall idea about you and your music.

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