Top 6 Signs That Your Spouse is a Musician!

Posted: July 14, 2015 in opera

Contemporary Classical Composer Sabrina Pena Young Official Music Site, Filmmaker, Speaker, Writer: Top 6 Signs That Your Spouse is a Musician!.

Help! I Married a Musician!  The Top 6 Signs that You married a Musician!

Is your garage full of broken sound equipment and instruments? Does your spouse seem to speak a different language when hanging out with other music friends? Do you have more money invested in CDs than in stocks? Then read on! 

When you first met your spouse, you may have been impressed with their music talent. How they played their instrument, sang, or wrote songs may have been part of their endearing qualities. Then you married your musician spouse, and you suddenly realized that entering into marriage with a musician involved more than simply nodding approvingly when he played that guitar lick at midnight or when she wrote that song that brought tears to her mother’s eyes. 

When you marry a musician you are marrying a music addict – someone who lives, breathes, and dies music….

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