30 Days of #ArtistDevelopment @MusicXray

Posted: August 17, 2015 in opera

Artist Development

Priceless Music Advice at a Low Price!

I have enjoyed creating new music and reaching amazing fans over the last two decades. Now I want to help musicians reach the same level of success by helping them develop their music and their artistic careers. This is an exciting NEW venture that I look forward to! Please SHARE this opportunity! 

30 Days of Artist Development @MusicXray

Your 30 Days of Artist Development Include:

1) Detailed Critique/Music review from Music Professional for up to three separate songs

2) Advice on music, recording, and marketing potential for your music

3) Two Way conversation/discussion about your work

4) Continued advice/coaching for a period of one month as you improve your work (no extra cost for resubmitting the revision during this one month period, after this, you will need to submit to the opportunity again).

During this period, you will have the opportunity to use me as a part of your team, as a resource to help improve your music and develop your music and marketing skills. We can discuss opportunities for your music, what you need to do to improve, and how to reach fans. What you will need to submit for this opportunity: 1) The main song you would like to focus on during this period 2) URLs to up to three songs total (ex. Dropbox, youtube) that we will also work on 3) Scores/lead sheets (pdf please) 4) Bios, website, music videos, press, etc. (links ok) Your 30 day period starts from the day that I contact you, not the day of the submission as I may take up to seven business days to contact you initially. Then the 30 day period begins and we can start working together to make you great!

I have helped over 100 Music Xray artists and have developed this opportunity to help musicians for a longer basis as they develop their music and sound. I look forward to working with you and hearing your music!

Priceless Music Advice at a Low Price!

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