Book Review: Libertaria: Genesis by Sabrina Peña Young : Escape Pod

Posted: December 2, 2015 in opera
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Source: Book Review: Libertaria: Genesis by Sabrina Peña Young : Escape Pod


“It takes a lot of work to create an opera or musical: you need a cohesive plot that can be sung, you need actors, you need costumes, and you need musicians. Award-winning composer went a different way, sourcing the entire world and putting out her opera, Libertaria, virtually. (She talks about the process a bit more in a TedX Buffalo talk.)

But Young has also taken her opera one step further, converting the show into a novel, Libertaria: Genesis, and that’s what I’m going to talk about now.

ea_lib_1The first in a series, Libertaria: Genesis introduces us to LIB2125, aka Libertaria, a fourteen-year-old girl raised in a genetic factory by her minders and a nurse named J2ALA, or Jaala. As with most dystopian stories set in the future of the United States, the country has been fragmented, and no one is really sure who runs things. But that’s not important to this story, because it’s pretty much just a fight between the Factory and the Underground.

While I’m not sure if the book was intended to be YA or just has a YA-aged heroine, it does seem to have many of the hallmarks of YA: a female villain older than the female main character, a family-based secret, a resistance movement that’s “dirty” (in terms of cleanliness), and some sort of genetic or body modification. The setting isn’t particularly new, but it is vivid, showing with words the technological future that Young created in her opera. It’s also extremely diverse, as befits the future, with a cast that is mostly persons of color as well as of all ages and stages of modification.”


Book Review: Libertaria: Genesis by Sabrina Peña Young : Escape Pod



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