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Self-directed mini course on Virtual Music Production. Introduction to music technology, web tools for musicians, virtual music production, composing for multimedia, basic recording tips and videos, grantwriting tips, social media, online collaboration, and case study of Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. Free ebook and music essays included as part of this course.

In this self-directed mini course you will be introduced to music technology and virtual music production. The course is meant to be completed at your own pace without direct instruction. Future courses in development will include one-on-one instruction and class interaction.


  • Multimedia and Resources on Music Technology, Internet Collaboration, and Composition
  • Links to Free and Low Cost Music Websites for Production and Collaboration
  • Optional Self-Directed Assignments for Enrichment
  • Downloadable Course Materials
  • Original Essays on Music Technology
  • Unit Study on virtual production of Libertaria: The Virtual Opera
  • Basic Recording Tips
  • Grant Writing Pointers

This mini course was designed by award-winning composer Sabrina Pena Young as a free educational tool for educators, students, and arts professionals. Non-commercial and educational use. Not to be resold.

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