Source: Percussion Ensembles

The Millikin Chamber Percussion Ensembles, under the direction of Brian Justison, have been widely acclaimed for their performances of concert repertoire for percussion instruments. They are a recent winner of the Percussive Arts Society International Percussion Ensemble Competition and were selected to perform at the 2008 PASIC Focus Day session. In 2013, the group was awarded a Downbeat Student Music Award for “Best Classical Group.” Performances at numerous regional music festivals are also part of their activities. Additionally, their debut CD, Best Kept Secret, received laudable reviews from both Gramophone Magazine and Percussive Notes. The group has premiered more than 20 new works, including four such premieres at PASIC showcase concerts. They released their second CD in the fall of 2012 comprised solely of works premiered by the ensemble.

Works Premiered by the Ensemble

Zack Stanton:  Venture
Brian Justison: Two Gentlemen of Verona (incidental music)
Daniel Wohl:  Spontaneous Logic
Christopher Reyman: Ocean Maker (film score)
Jeremy Brunk:  Hammerschlag
Randall Reyman:  A Leaf Falling (alto sax solo and percussion ensemble)
Pat Muchmore:  Regvlvs
James Romig:  Out Of Frame
John Stafford:  Humanity I Love You (percussion ensemble, 2 pianists, women’s choir & turntablist)
O’Neal Douglas:  Two Allusions (percussion ensemble & brass ensemble)
Sabrina Pena Young:  Creation (percussion ensemble, women’s choir & mixed media)
Brian Justison:  Zippo
Sabrina Pena Young: Virelaan (percussion ensemble & mixed media)
Jeremy Brunk:  Dominican Cycles
Vieuxtemps/Musser/LeVan: Fantasy on Yankee Doodle (percussion ensemble & marimba soloist)
Charles Aldous:  Soundscape for Djembe and Didgeridoo
Vieuxtemps/Musser/LeVan:  Fantasy on St. Patrick’s  Day
David J. Long:  Mixtures #2
Steve Riley:  Vortices (percussion ensemble & drum set soloist)
Jeremy Brunk: Evolution
Brian Justison:  Samba Diablo
Brian Justison:  Just Buckets



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