Mission of Hope Haiti

Posted: October 5, 2016 in opera
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DISASTER RELIEF INITIATIVE Mission of Hope is leading a disaster relief initiative in coordination with over 500 indigenous partner organizations across Haiti through our HaitiOne network. Based on current NOAA storm predictors, an estimated 2.5 million individuals could be significantly impacted by Hurricane Matthew. In an effort to meet the projected need, MOH is preparing to provide the following relief… Meals – 35 million Water – 350 million units Shelter – 750,000 temporary shelters Medical care – 280,000 patients After the first 14 days of relief efforts, MOH will transition into a 45-day recovery plan and then into a sustainability plan. All donations will be put toward relief, recovery, and sustainability from the hurricane. MOH has served in Haiti since 1998 and has historically served as a key distribution center in times of crisis dating back to the hurricane of 2008 and the earthquake of 2010. MOH currently serves over 90,000 meals daily, treats over 30,000 patients annually, and has built over 800 block homes for displaced families since 2010.

Source: Mission of Hope Haiti

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