Affordable Music Coaching at Music Xray

Posted: April 23, 2017 in opera
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Affordable music consulting with Sabrina Pena young at Music Xray

Affordable Music Coaching at Music Xray with Composer Sabrina Pena

YoungAffordable #MusicConsulting Music Xray

Want to get your #song licensed but don’t know if you have the right sound? 


I will deliver an exclusive FIVE STAR Song Critique.

I have quality checked thousands of tracks in all musical genres and have helped over 150 Artists in all genres including hip hop, #pop, country, #jazz#classicalmusic , world, and film music.

Your Exclusive 5 Star Music Critique includes:

1) Mixing Insight

2) Tips on #Musicality

3) Basic Career coaching

4) Mastering insight

5) Songwriting and lyric help

6) Getting a professional sound

7) Melody help

8) Help with rhythm, beats, and drums

9) Tips for vocals

10) And so much more!

Take advantage of two decades of musical experience. My ears can hear what you need to improve to reach the professional level. Have a tune that you love but never gets high ratings? I will identify key amateur mistakes in your recording. New to music licensing or an experienced pro, we’ll chat about how to best improve your chances of reaching the right markets and to maximize your musical and monetary potential. This is professional consulting for the everyday musician. Affordable rates because I know you don’t have the money or time to waste.

I look forward to hearing your music! Not convinced, be sure to check out the ratings and comments below from other happy Music Xray artists.


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