Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Musicians this Year for Black Friday Sales! by Sabrina Young

CyberMonday and Black Friday Sales are coming Fast! Time to see an incredible amount of exciting Christmas gifts for Music Teachers this year! Whether you want to surprise the special choir director or band teacher in your life, or just want to treat yourself to something, check out these top Christmas Gift Ideas for musicians!


Every music teacher carries around music books, sheet music, instruments, a baton, and more. Make their life a little bit easier with this cute music tote. Available now for less than the price of a pizza!
music tote
Adorable Music Tote Available now


Every band director, piano teacher, or choir director will look amazing with this classy music tie. Perfect for concerts, recitals, and the classroom, give the gift of awesome.
Buy this Classy music tie today!


Every musician and music producer wants to write music. This intuitive music workbook is designed for music educators, students, and professionals. With over 50 music exercises to hone your music writing and composition skills, the Composer Boot Camp is the best gift for any serious musician.
Buy Composer Boot Camp Today at Amazon


Does your music teacher have a cute little one? Then check out this absolutely adorable music baby clothing. Available for Newborn to 24 months. Your music teacher will appreciate your thoughtfulness for her littlest musician!

Buy this Cute Baby Music Gift Today!


Your music educator will love this handy music teacher travel mug. Enjoy warm coffee on the go! Buy now to receive in time for Christmas. They will love this music gift!
Buy the Music Teacher Travel Mug Today
Wow the music educator, band director, or orchestra director in your life with fun absolutely perfect Christmas gift ideas. Special discounts for Black Friday and Cybermonday!
Find Exciting Music Gifts for Music Educators this Christmas!
Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals. 

Top 10 Mistakes When Writing for Percussion by Sabrina Young

Top 10 Mistakes When Writing for Percussionby Sabrina Young
10. Indicating the wrong mallets for an instrument.Brass mallets on vibes? Try a hammer on a violin!

9. Writing the glockenspiel part as heard.You shouldn’t have to climb a ladder of leger lines to read a glock part. Keep it in the staff.

8. When in doubt, adding more suspended cymbal.This is a huge mistake made by arrangers. Yep, cymbals add automatic intensity to a piece, but so can a bass drum roll, a rousing hand drum part, exciting mallet licks, or a hundred other combinations. Well-written percussion parts stand out in the band and church repertoire.

7. Better means more complicated, right?This is my main mistake. A percussion part can be simple enough for a middle school, but it is the ability to use the different tone colors of the percussion palette properly that indicates a maturity in writing, not that impossible part for the timpanist that has them playing timpani, gong, crash cymbals, and triangle in the span of…

Music Industry Insider: 50 Ways to Make Money as a Musician by Sabrina Young

50 Ways to Make Money as a MusicianWant to have a musical career but not sure how to make money as a musician in today’s market? Well, first you need to redefine your goals as a musician and realize that like any job, being a musician involves a lot of work, perseverance, and talent. And in today’s Digital Age, you need to be able to combine your skills to help you make a living as a musician. You will probably need to select at least a dozen forms of income and micro-incomes in order to make a full time living as a musician or choose a primary steady gig and add on other projects (what most musicians have done for centuries).

Each method of making money has a $, $$, $$$ or S for work that will make you a little pocket money ($), possibly significant money – hundreds to thousands ($$), at least part time or possible full time work ($$$), or is steady work (S). Notice that none of these options involve making millions of dollars so you can drive around in a diamond-crusted limo…

Women in Multimedia and New Music bios, unedited by Sabrina Young

INSTRUCTIONS: Use your computers “FIND” feature to locate artist names in this document.

This is a short BIO list I made for my thesis “The Feminine Musique: Multimedia and Women Today” in 2005. It is a shortlist of bio info on composers and artists involved in interdisciplinary media work, with an emphasis on new music. References to specific web pages are given. The thesis can be checked out through interlibrary loan at Florida International University. I plan to post most of the information of my thesis online in time.

Rebecca Allen

Click to access 1999_440.pdf

Rebecca Allen (USA) is an internationally recognized media artist, inspired by the potential of advanced technology. Central to her work is the study of motion as a form of communication and creative expression. Allen has produced a number of commissioned works in Europe and the U.S. including computer animated films, interactive installations and large-scale multimedia performances. H…

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