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NEW Songwriting Music Theory Lessons Music Bundle! Grades 1-12 from Sabrina Young


Enjoy four fun and exciting songwriting music theory lesson plans for Elementary, Middle School, and High School! Students learn rhythm, harmony, music theory, songwriting, and melody through easy improvisation and group activities ideal for beginners. No need to read music. Designed with the classroom in mind by seasoned music educator Sabrina Young. Includes a BONUS “Turtle Songs” Beginner piano solo, duet, and trio (w/teacher) for use in the classroom. Each lesson plan includes variations for groups and different age groups/abilities.
ANIMAL SONGS: Students learn songwriting basics using fun animal flashcards.
IMPROV WITH CHORDS: Students learn how to use their ears to LISTEN for harmony and chord quality. Advanced student learn about Terry Riley’s “In C” and scales.
MUSICAL EMOTIONS: Students use music and “emotions” flash cards to write new melodies and learn how to “draw” music with graphic notation.
SINGING A POEM: Students learn how to develop a melody using their voice and improvisation.
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TURTLE SONGS (BONUS): Simple beginner piano song in three movements ideal for classroom use, recitals, and piano lessons. Solo, Duet, and Trio (2 students with teacher) included. Designed for beginning piano studio and young musicians.
Created by award-winning composer and 20 year music educator Sabrina Young. Each of these music lesson plans has been used in the classroom. They include helpful variations and resources (like flashcards and sheet music) to help the teacher implement these lesson plans in the classroom.
Thank you for your purchase of this Music Bundle. You can help support music educators through this and other purchases from Pena Young Publishing.