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Musical U had an interview spotlight for my Composer Boot Camp 101: 50 Exercises for Educators, Students, and Music Professionals. You can read the Interview here:

This is an excellent resources for students of all ages (kindergarten to adult learner), music educators, and composers. You can Purchase Composer Boot Camp 101 at Amazon and Amazon Kindle here:
If you are interested in having your students purchase the book for next semester, contact me directly for a special discount code and/or excerpt at .
An excerpt from the Interview:

Getting Your Creative Juices Flowing

The jump from musician to composer can be a scary one – how exactly does one begin to write music?

According to Sabrina’s philosophy, inspiration is the key to getting started. She has included numerous inspiration exercises in her workbook, designed to get beginner musicians thinking about how elements as simple as “mood” can be a starting point for a composition:

Example Inspiration Exercise

Sabrina also stresses that unrealistic expectations and perfectionism can act as a roadblock. “Each piece does not have to be a masterpiece,” she says. “Start small and simple. Write a melody or a chord progression. Improvise a lyric or drum out a rhythm.” She suggests writing daily, even if it’s “bad music”.

Sabrina is a firm believer in the fact that anyone can write music, and hopes that Composer Boot Camp 101 will provide users with practical exercises and marketable skills that will help them on their composing journey.