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Top 5 Science Fiction Films to Watch in 2020

In this world of real-life dystopia and chaos, descending even deeper into a fictional rabbit hole may very well be the medicine you need. Check out these cult favorites this year. You won’t regret it.

Donnie Darko

indie filmmakingThis cult favorite is a dark cinematic tale about a teen tormented by the impending doom about to engulf him. Oh, and there’s a creepy rabbit.


akiraAfter the 1988 destruction of Tokyo, Neo-Tokyo was born in Akira. Neo-Tokyo is a dystopian nightmare plagued by gang violence, technology, and political evils. Two punks named Tetsuo and Kaneda soon become the most powerful beings on the planet. Only Akira can control Tetsuo’s evil powers.


Joss Whedon’s follow-up from the science fiction fan favorite Firefly is a “space western” that you will enjoy every time you watch.

indie filmChildren of Men

Director Alfonso Cuaron creates a haunting dystopian society that has fully fallen into anarchy and destruction. Though not always a fan favorite, Children of Men is worth the watch, if only for technically dazzling production.

The Fountain

sabrina youngThis film delivers a profound message in a time-twisting tale. Starring Rachel Weisz and Hugh Jackman. A tale of death, love, and memory. Enigmatic yet profound.


If you enjoy entering surreal universes and exploring the wonderful futuristic world of “what-ifs” take the time to check out Spiritus, a NEW animated short film by award-winning director and composer Sabrina Young. With stunning visuals and a futuristic storyline inspired by true events, as well as an unforgettable soundtrack, Spiritus promises to take you to a new exciting world of alien warfare, mysticism, and dreamscapes. 

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