After online auditions from March until late August, the final cast for Libertaria: The Virtual

Opera has been selected. These dedicated individuals exhibited a passion for new music and talent in a variety of musical styles. Choosing the cast was a difficulty process, based on talent and a demonstrated enthusiasm for the project and clear vocal and/or theatrical talent.

Libertaria cast members have backgrounds in opera, musical theater, popular music, new music, and even dance, with members spread throughout the United States and the UK. Libertaria has talented musicians from touring performers to talented college students to educational professionals.

Meet the Cast Members of Libertaria!

(In Alphabetical Order)

New Pages for each Cast Member are currently under construction. Take the time to learn more about these great musicians. Many cast members have exciting new albums out and are involved in innovative projects.

Libertaria: The Virtual Opera also has a talented film crew, including talented artists in sound, animation, graphic design, music, and machinima. Here is a current listing for the film crew to date.

Art Director Caroline Damien

Music Advisor Dr. Clare Shore

Animation: Kera Hildebrandt, Lucinda McNary, Patricia Johnston, Sabrina Pena Young

Sound: Patrick Neher

There is always room for more! Join the crew of Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. Just send a brief bio and contact info to: with the subject heading “Libertaria Film Crew”.

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