It’s the year 2139, and United States, decimated by nuclear war in the last half of the 21st century has splintered off into territorial factions. The sky has grown red, the water runs black, and hope rests on the shoulders of a young teen.

Meet Libertaria, of unknown origin and unknown place. Left as an infant in the abandoned Lady Liberty Souvenir Shop in the year 2125, she spent her early years bouncing within the Factory. Aided by a woman known only as Nurse, Libertaria escapes Factory at the age of 14, traveling the bullet train from Nueva York, the capitol of the USSA, to New Miami in search of the one person that ever showed her kindness.

A mysterious glowing medallion leads her to the Underground, a society of children led by the seemingly immortal Simeon. Hunted by the Apothetae Army Police, Simeon and his closest allies, Miguel, Lucy, and Gabe, attempt to protect the innocent and helpless from the Collective, an immoral mysterious alliance of seven who control the Factory.

The world had not heard the last of the spunky chic with the bad attitude. Before it’s all over, she will lead a children’s rebellion against the greasy politicos running the nation into the ground.


In 2011 I started writing a story about a young geneticist that worked in a cutting edge facility that absorbed the energy from the ill and dying to make a new serum that rejuvenated the younger, healthy populace. In the short story, the scientist, orphaned at a young age, discovered that one of her test subjects was actually her mother. The short story evolved over time and instead of focusing on the scientists, the young girl was placed in the genetics factory herself, escaping it to discover her addict father runs the resistance against the factory. With a hundred twists and turns, Libertaria tells the story with true operatic drama and sci-fi energy.

Production for Libertaria was entirely online. The cast auditioned virtually through Music Xray and other sites, the animators worked together using a machinima program called Moviestorm, communication continued through e-mail and facebook. The composer hasn’t met the majority of the cast and crew in person.

Libertaria is an opera for the Digital Age. Created with virtual characters in a computer-generated environment, Libertaria is easily disseminated through the internet and simple DVDs. An animated opera offers a lower cost than a full live production, although there has been acoustic versions of songs like Lonely Mother’s Cry.

In the end Libertaria is a groundbreaking opera experiment. Creating an opera for a fraction of a budget, an opera that requires no rehearsals to enjoy, appeals to the masses, and has a diverse cast of characters reflecting the global nature of our culture. Libertaria questions our current sociopolitical reality and the actions of the government, it questions war and even family. Libertaria challenges musically and ideologically and will change our time.

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