The Characters


LIBERTARIA (LIB2125): Teen of mysterious origins raised in the GenTech Factory by Nurse Jaala

concept art machinima


SIMEON FRANCO AGUILA: Megalomaniac leader of the Underground metropolis in Nueva York, and secret Metal Ink addict

machinima concept

Simeon and Lucinde

Simeon Sings copy

LUCINDE: Simeon’s right hand woman and mangled burn victim with a complicated past


LIbertaria virtual opera

Gabe and Miguel

MIGUEL: Head of Underground Security and love interest of Lucinde

GABRIEL D’CHEVALIER (GABE): Veteran soldier and cyborg with a penchant for leading followers to their destruction

GWEN: Rescued from GenTech by Gabe, she has an unorthodox craving for anything cyborg


THE COLLECTIVE: Secret society of geneticists who manipulated history to ensure their immortality

GENERAL LUCIAN KAGE: Veteran general, head geneticist, and evil genius who has devised a way to medical immortality

Concept art machinima

The Nurse

JAALA (JA2ALA): GenTech nurse with a dangerous secret who raises the orphaned Libertaria in the Factory

KARENA KAGE: Efficient mad scientist and nemesis to her creator


MARIA: Young woman who dies giving birth during the final battle of Nueva York

KARANETTA ANYA KAGE: Genetist, artist, and wife of General Lucian Kage

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